Green Valleys Association

GREEN VALLEYS ASSOCIATION's mission is to PROTECT and PRESERVE the quality and quantity of water resources in northern Chester County through advocacy and education.

GVA is the only watershed association in Northern Chester County devoted to the protection of water quality and quantity. Our stewardship area encompasses 155 square miles of watershed ground that contains the five watersheds of Stony Run, and Valley, Pickering, French, and Pigeon Creeks. The tributaries of these five watersheds run through some of the most productive fish and wildlife habitat in the Northern Chester County. The region is largely rural with more than 70% of
the population who depend on the ground water for their drinking water. All of the watersheds under GVA’s stewardship are designated either “High Quality” or “Exceptional Value” by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. “Exceptional Value” is the highest protective designation offered by the Commonwealth.

Contact Green Valleys Association

Contact Green Valleys Association

Catharine Swan
Executive Director
1368 Prizer Road
Pottstown, Pennsylvania  19465
Phone: (610) 469-4900
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