Green Acres Program

The Green Acres Program provides matching grants to nonprofit organizations to acquire land for public recreation and conservation purposes.

Green Acres also administers the Tax Exemption Program, which provides exemption from local property taxes to eligible nonprofit organizations that own recreation or conservation lands and permit public use of their private lands. The Tax Exemption Program has protected over 38,000 acres of private lands.

The state, local, and nonprofit projects are handled by regional teams. See list of contacts.

Green Acres will accept applications until September 30, 2008. Funding is limited, and we
anticipate that competition will be intense. As a result, we will only consider funding requests from
new applicants or from applicants who have completed or are making significant progress on
previously approved projects.

Eligible land acquisition projects include the purchase of natural areas, historic sites,
conservation areas, water bodies, and open space for active or passive recreation purposes. Eligible
recreational projects include facilities that provide boating, fishing, swimming, outdoor games and
sports, biking, picnicking, camping, or nature interpretation. Park development funding can only be
used in densely populated and Urban Aid municipalities. Related costs incurred as part of the
acquisition or development project also may be eligible for reimbursement.

Contact Green Acres Program

Contact Green Acres Program

Martha Sullivan Sapp
Chief, Local and Nonprofit Assistance
P.O. Box 412
Green Acres Program, Department of Environmental Protection
Trenton, New Jersey  08625
Phone: (609) 984-0570


Service Area

Statewide Program in:
  • New Jersey

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