Grassland Bird Conservation Program

NRCS is offering farmers a $135-an-acre payment to promote nesting success for grassland birds who raise their young in hayfields.  The program will pay you to make your first cut before June 2 and the second cut no sooner than 65 days after the first cut.  The payments are intended to reimburse farmers for the diminished quaslity of the second cut.


Only private agricultural land, specifically hayfields, are eligible for the EQIP Grassland Bird Management.
Eligible participants will be agricultural producers engaged in agricultural production or owner of agricultural lands where agricultural products are produced. Proposed areas must have been used as hayland for 3 out of the last 5 years. The Minimum Size Requirements are 20 acres total.  The land must be uninterrupted grassland. Interruptions to habitat would include roads, hedgerows, perennial streams, forest blocks, etc. Larger acreages of contiguous grassland and project sites situated near other grasslands are encouraged and will be prioritized. The benefits to grassland birds will be maximized with large, abundant grasslands
in the surrounding landscape.


Sign-up is open for 2010 for farmers interested in the $135/acre federal payment for delaying their second cut of hay to help conserve grassland birds.

To learn more, contact Toby Alexander at 951-6796, ext. 229 or

Contact Grassland Bird Conservation Program

Contact Grassland Bird Conservation Program

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