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Here are a few of our core professional talents within Gibson's team:

OBI_122.gif   GIBSON/GIBCO can help you meet your environmental requirement.

OBI_122.gif   GIBSON/GIBCO can provide a professional Market Study that meets the needs of your state allocating agency and lender.

OBI_122.gif  GIBSON/GIBCO can provide guidance on how to structure your affordable housing development’s finances.

OBI_122.gif  GIBSON/GIBCO can prepare a Capital Needs Assessment that meets your lender’s requirements.

SFI and ISO 14001 Consultation

Major customers of forest products often require their suppliers to demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility.  To gain a marketing advantage, many forest products companies and forest landowners seek registration to the ISO 14001 series of environmental standards and/or verify their compliance with the American Forest and Paper Association's Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) through the use of third party auditors.  We provide consultation to landowners seeking registration to ISO 14001 or the SFI Standard.  Based on experience in actually developing environmental management systems that were registered to both the SFIS and ISO 14000 standards, we can provide a landowner:

  • An understanding of the requirements and terminology of both certification systems.   
  • Pre-audits and a review of current policies to identify gaps in meeting the requirements of either standard.   
  • Development of practical policies, programs, and procedures that comply with the standard without creating unnecessary work.  Inexperience with these standards often creates complicated, burdensome procedures that are difficult to implement, potentially undermining the entire registration process.   
  • A template for writing the environmental management system.   
  • Particular expertise in developing policies to comply with Objectives 4 and 5 of the SFIS dealing with wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and ecologically unique areas.  These objectives are generally not well understood by landowners, but are often targets for scrutiny by auditors.   
  • An understanding of auditor procedures and expectations.   
  • Assistance during the auditing process.

BMP Assessments 

A forest landowner may simply desire an assessment of its compliance with a state's water quality Best Management Practices, or may require a third-party assessment of BMP compliance as part of a registration process.  We provide third-party assessments of a landowner's compliance with state Best Management Practices through on-site reviews.  

Wildlife Program Consulting

Most large forest landowners can benefit from a recreational leasing program.  Hunting and other recreation leases can provide additional income and protection for the property from timber theft, arson, and illegal dumping.  We provide consultation to help landowners implement a recreational leasing program.  Consultation covers the following key areas:

  • Develop a lease document that articulates expectations from customers and protects the landowner's interests.   
  • Determine lease prices: 
    • Balance lease prices with local/non-local customer issues. 
    • Using indicators to monitor market prices:  lease bid results, customer turnover trends. 
  • Manage your customers: 
    • Handling lease requests, developing a lease application procedure and waiting list. 
    • Developing a customer complaint protocol to manage customer requests and complaints.   
    • Developing a database to manage membership lists and customer contact information, facilitate invoicing, and process payments.
  • Develop a satisfied customer base through customer services.   
    • Developing and distributing a hunting club newsletter to provide wildlife management information and educate customers about the landowner's forest and wildlife management efforts.
    • Providing wildlife management seminars and periodic hunting club meetings.
    • Developing surveys to determine customer desires.
    • Providing written wildlife management guides.
    • Developing partnerships with organizations to provide products, such as food plot seeds, to customers at reduced prices.
    • Providing/allowing access control on company roads.
  • Use an internet web site to manage the wildlife program:
    • Providing lists and/or maps of open leases.   
    • Providing lease application processes online.   
    • Providing company information through the web site, including inclusion of wildlife management guides and a newsletter.

Hunting Lease Management

Besides providing consultation to assist a landowner in successfully beginning and implementing a wildlife program, we also provide services to manage the program for a landowner.  Services can range from handling the entire leasing process including payment processing, to providing a variety of leasing services depending on landowner objectives.  Services are provided in the following areas:

  • Select customers and execute the lease agreement.   
  • Develop a database to efficiently manage customer information and membership lists.   
  • Invoice customers and process payments.   
  • Input customer information into the database and update membership lists.   
  • Develop a wildlife web site specific to landowner needs.   
  • Provide a suite of customer services:
    • Newsletter.   
    • Wildlife management/quality deer management seminars.   
    • Wildlife management guides (i.e. quality deer management, habitat management, hunting lease management).   
    • Customer surveys.   
    • Partnerships to provide products to customers at reduced prices.

Property Assessments

Landowner's management objectives for their property often include wildlife and other recreational considerations in addition to timber management.   We can review current habitat conditions of a tract of land, provide an assessment of recreational possibilities (i.e. potential pond sites, waterfowl areas), and recommend habitat improvement measures depending on landowner objectives.  Habitat improvement measures can include:

  • Supplemental forage recommendations, including amount of food plots needed,  design, location and most desirable plantings   
  • Management of native vegetation   
  • Forest management recommendations benefiting wildlife habitat


International Paper

Richard Boitnott worked for International Paper for over 21 years in a variety of forest and wildlife management positions.  He managed the SFI program for a 2.1 million acre landbase, helping to develop policies, programs, and procedures to comply with the SFIS and ISO 14001 environmental standards.  While he has experience in all objectives of the SFIS, his particular expertise is in objectives 4 and 5 dealing with wildlife habitat and ecologically unique areas.  His wildlife management experience ranges from field to region to division staff level positions, and includes:  

  • Development of a leasing program on 350,000 acres of previously open land in central Louisiana   
  • Management of a commercial hunting operation in east Texas   
  • Administration of a region wildlife program with responsibility for providing a financial return from wildlife resources on 2.1 million acres of company land and developing a suite of services for 2500 hunting clubs with 30,000 customers.     
  • Final position with International Paper was as Manager of Wildlife Programs on the division staff.  In this position he developed a strategic plan to provide a comprehensive, consistent wildlife program across the company's entire 12 million acre landbase.  


B.S. in forest management from the University of Missouri, Columbia Missouri

M.S. in forest economics from Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches Texas.

Professional Affiliations/Certifications/Selected Training

  • Registered Forester-Arkansas   
  • Pro-logger Certification-Arkansas   
  • Member of The Wildlife Society   
  • Completed EMS Lead Auditor training   
  • Completed wetlands delineator training

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Contact Gibson Consulting

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