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Weatherization Help

WMCA’s Weatherization program helps income-eligible homeowners and tenants determine the causes of their heat loss and energy deficiencies through energy audits, and provides assistance with renovation and repairs to solve these problems.  The Weatherization program provides home energy audits which include the following:

  • Ventilation and Air Flow Testing — A blower door test measures the building tightness and illustrates how much air infiltrates into a building.  Ventilation and Air Flow Testing help energy auditors pinpoint the location of heat loss to better insulate the home.
  • Infrared Thermal Imagine —Thermal imaging is used to locate insulation deficiencies in walls and other inaccessible locations.  Thermal images show where heat is leaking into an attic or wall, and can even locate where radiant piping is located in a concrete floor.

Once energy testing has been completed, the Weatherization Program can also provide assistance for purchases and installs of many types of energy conservation materials, such as the insulation of walls or attics and door repairs. Families receiving fuel assistance are eligible for this program.

For more information on WMCA’s Weatherization Help please contact us at or call 207-645-3764

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Contact Gary LaGrange

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