Garrett Hollow Natural Area
Garrett Hollow,Washington County,  is located at the northern edge of the Boston Mountains in the Ozark Highlands ecoregion. The natural area is marked by rugged topography and consists of diverse hardwood forests and sandstone glades. Like much of the Ozarks, this natural area contains a number of karst features, where fractured bedrock allows water to drain into crevices and solution tubes, creating small caves and subterranean streams. Caves and crevices within the natural area provide critical habitat for the federally endangered Ozark big-eared bat.

Specific types of hunting are allowed on this natural area. For details, see the current Arkansas Game and Fish Hunting Guidebook. Take all necessary safety precautions when visiting this area.

From Van Buren take State Highway 59 for 16 miles to Natural Dam. Turn right on Liberty Hill Road. Go 8.3 miles until the road forks. Take the road to the right (Antioch Road) to the natural area entrance sign.

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