Full Moon Cooperative

Our Mission

Full Moon Coop is a collective of sustainable fruit and vegetable farms founded in 2002 by a group of farmers, ecologists, culinary artists, activists, and educators. Our mission is to offer innovative and community-based solutions to the most critical environmental, economic, and social challenges of our time. By providing our local communities with an experience that honors the ancient and fundamental connections between food, land and people, we hope to nurture a more sustainable and just future. We practice organic and biodynamic farming techniques, but are not certified.

Adaptive Management

One of the goals of Full Moon is to create an adaptive management model to improve organic farming in the Southeast through the integration of community supported farming and education. Since the late 1970s, adaptive management has been developed as a method to incrementally improve land management by treating choices as a series of experiments. Through continual feedback, adaptive management offers the opportunity for a scientific perspective to inform management practices within a larger context of uncertainty and change. Through the integration of objectives at all levels in the farming system, we seek to develop a functioning model for adaptive management that can be emulated and adapted to other farming systems.

Community Supported Agriculture

Here is how our CSA works: as a member, each week you will pick up a box of produce either on the farm in Winterville, GA, or in town at 1,000 Faces Coffee (Barber St.).

You will have the opportunity to come out to the farm and work with the farmers, if you choose to, and you will have fresh veggies and fruits picked by your farmer to eat every week.

What's in the box? We strive to include a diversity of items in our boxes, each box containing 7-10 seasonal items freshly picked that day. All of our food is grown at our farm so as a member you will experience our seasonal fluctuations. Some items will be in abundance longer than others. Sometimes you may find a few new and exciting veggies you are not so familiar with.

What's the cost? Shares are $24.00 per week. We estimate each box averages $24.00, some weeks having more or less items depending on the season. For example, in early April or mid August you may notice only 7 items in your box, but in May and September you may see 9-10 items. If you are signing up after August 5th, we will send you an updated invoice for the amount of weeks left in the season.

What is the BiMonthly share? Bimonthly members pick up a full box twice a month. 

Which share is right for you? If you have 1-2 people in your household and you may not cook a fresh dinner every night, you might consider the bimonthly share.

When do I start picking up our vegetables?

Fall shares: August 5-Novemeber 26. 17 weeks. Learn more about our CSA here.


Contact Full Moon Cooperative

Contact Full Moon Cooperative

Jason Mann
Founder & Director
255 W. Washington Street
Athens, Georgia  30601
Phone: 706.549.4660


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Clarke County, Georgia