Frith Farm

Frith Farm is a small, direct-market farm located on 13 acres of loamy sand in Scarborough, Maine.
Our Mission is to build soil, biodiversity, and community through the growing of wholesome food. Toward this end, we base our practices on the following principles:
Biomimicry – farm practices are modeled after the cyclic and resilient examples set by nature
Chemical-Free – synthetic fertilizers and chemicals are strictly avoided in favor of biological and cultural methods
Community – all sales are local, and visitors are encouraged to the farm and on the planned walking trail through our woods
Organic Matter – carbon is cherished as the foundation of healthy soil
Respect – farm animals are treated humanely and allowed to exhibit their species’ natural character
Transparency  – openness and honesty surround all farming practices, and visitors are welcome on the farm at any time
Quality – freshness, taste, and nutrition are our top priorities and are not compromised in the name of volume or profit

Contact Frith Farm

Contact Frith Farm

Daniel Mays
61 Ash Swamp Road
Scarborough, Maine  04074
Phone: (207) 730-9077


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