Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness (FC-RONRW), Cooperative Weed Management Arealast updated: June 2015

The FC-RONRW CWMA was formed in the spring of 2003. The “Signing Parties” to this CWMA are: Custer, Idaho, Lemhi and Valley Counties; Idaho Departments of Lands, Fish and Game, and Transportation (Division of Aeronautics); the University of Idaho; the Nez Perce and Shoshone-Bannock Tribes; and the Bitterroot, Payette, Nez Perce and Salmon-Challis National Forests. The majority of area within the CWMA is managed by the Bitterroot, Payette, Nez Perce and Salmon-Challis National Forests as designated wilderness. The boundary of the FC-RONRW CWMA is primarily the existing wilderness boundary. The CWMA boundary also encompasses various corridors and in holdings, and adjacent tracks of non-wilderness National Forest lands to the northwest and to the southwest. Intermingled private lands and lands owned by Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the University of Idaho are found within the boundaries of the FC-RONRW. 

The purpose of the FC-RONRW CWMA is to bring together groups and individuals responsible for and interested in weed management within the FC-RONRW. The primary goal of the CWMA is to promote efficient and effective integrated weed management across the FC-RONRW. Specifically the stated goals of the CWMA are to:

  • Prevent the introduction, reproduction and spread of invasive weeds into and within the FC-RONRW.
  • Reduce the extent and density of established invasive weeds to a point that impacts to wilderness resources is minimized.
  • Maintain and protect existing native plant communities.
  • Implement economical and effective weed control methods for the target weed.
  • Implement an integrated management system using appropriate treatment methods authorized by the 1999 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
  • Rehabilitate priority areas following treatment to reduce the susceptibility of reinvasion.

Weed Superintendents

  • Idaho County
    • Connie (Kahne) Jensen-Blyth       
    • 320 W. Main Room 3       
    • Grangeville, Idaho 83530     
    • Office Phone: 208-983-2667 ext. 233       
    • Fax: 208-983-0251
    • Cell: 208-983-8188
  • Lemhi County
    • Jeremey Varley, Webmaster   
    • 200 Fulton St.
    • Suite 201     
    • Salmon, Idaho 83467
    • Office Phone: 208-756-2815 ext. 282         
    • Fax: 208-756-6915     
    • Cell: 208-993-0950
  • Valley County 
    • Curtis Bennett      
    • PO Box 1350           
    • Cascade, Idaho 83611     
    • Office Phone:  208-382-7195       
    • Cell: 208-271-6247  

County Contact Information

  • Custer County Extension Office
  • Idaho County Extension Office
  • Lemhi County Extension Office
    • Address: 200 Fulton St.
    • Suite 202
    • Salmon, ID 83467
    • Phone: (208) 756-2815 ext. 284
    • Fax: (208) 756-6915
    • Email:
    • Web Address:
  • Valley County Extension Office
    • Address: P.O. Box 510
    • 108 W. Pine Street
    • Cascade, ID 83611
    • Phone: (208) 382-7190
    • Fax: (208) 382-7189
    • Email:
    • Web Address:


Contact Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness (FC-RONRW), Cooperative Weed Management Area

Contact Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness (FC-RONRW), Cooperative Weed Management Area

Casey Kristofferson
Custer County Weed Superintendent
P.O. Box 385
Challis, Idaho  83226
Phone: 208-879-5229
Cell Phone: 208-833-5229
Fax: 208-879-6413


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Custer County, Idaho
  • Idaho County, Idaho
  • Lemhi County, Idaho
  • Valley County, Idaho

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