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Mark Thomas is the founder of FORESTRY/WILDLIFE INTEGRATION,LLC and a Registered Forester in Alabama (#14), Georgia (#2185), and Mississippi (#1471), a Certified Forester through The Society of American Foresters (SAF), a member of the Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF), and a Certified Wildlife Biologist through The Wildlife Society (TWS). He has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation Education from Missouri State University - Springfield, and a Master of Science Degree in Forestry from the University of Missouri - Columbia. Post-Graduate education includes environmental and wildlife toxicology, statistics, calculus, plant physiology, trigonometry, and organic chemistry. He won the 2001 Presidential Field Forester Award from the Society of American Foresters.

•Wildlife Population Management--
Whitetail Deer Camera Census – Age Structure/Buck:Doe
Quality Deer Management Implementation/Deer Darting
Wild Turkey/Bobwhite Quail Management
Increase Carrying Capacity Big/Small Game Species
Increase Abundance of Non-Game Species
Infrared Camera Predator Census/Predator Removal

•Wildlife Habitat Evaluation and Enhancement
Native Plant Enhancement, Plant Species Richness
Native Plant Fertilization, Mast Tree Fertilization
Wildlife Stand Improvement
Travel/Feeding/Stalking/Viewing/Shooting Lane Installation
Interspersion Index Enhancement Feature Installation
Roadside/Ecotone Installation, Enhancement, Maintenance

•Food Plot Design and Installation
In-The-Woods Agronomic Technology

•Endangered Species Surveys and Management
Threatened & Endangered Species Inventories
T & E Population Surveys/Habitat Conservation Plans
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Trapping, Banding
Artificial Cavity Installation, Translocation/Management

•Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Auditing, Gap Analysis, Program Development, Training
Landscape Biodiversity Evaluation and Planning
Floral and Faunal Assessment, Long-Range Modeling

•Best Management Practice Assessment and Training
Compliance Monitoring, Training

•Outdoor Recreation
Hunting Lease Development, Marketing, Administration
Market Analysis, Feasibility Studies
Periodic Publications for Hunting Club Customers/Newsletters
Customized Hunting/Fishing Adventures – Alaska, Russia, Canada

SFI Requirements, Program Development, Compliance
Environmental Management System Development/Implementation
BMP Implementation and Monitoring/SMZ Management
Intensive Forest Management/Wildlife Management Integration
QDM Management for Hunting Clubs/Private Landowners
Outdoor Recreation Excursions – Preparation/Equipment

•Delineation of Federal Jurisdictional Wetlands
Riparian Zone Management
Wetland Mitigation Banking
Watershed Management

•Forest Management
Forest Management Planning
Timber Marketing/Sales/Timber Cruising and Appraisals
Fire Lane Installation/Prescribed Burning
Site Preparation/Tree Planting/Natural Regeneration Planning
Specialty Tree Planting – Hardwoods, Fruit Orchards
Competing Vegetation Control/Custom Herbicide Prescriptions
Precision Mapping GPS/GIS, Computerized Mapping
Financial Analysis of Timber Investments
Timber Growth and Yield Projections
Timber Security During Harvest Operations

•Urban Forestry/Landscape Planning/Architectural Design
•Non-Native Plant Eradication/Habitat Restoration
•Native Plant Biodiversity Enhancement
•Expert Witness Testimony
Discovery Phase/Site Analysis
Legal Brief Preparation/Closing Arguments

•Public Speaking/Presentations, Seminars, Symposiums
•Demonstration/Research Plot Installation/Monitoring
National Wild Turkey Foundation
Quality Deer Management Assoc
The Wildlife Society
Society of American Foresters
Alabama Forestry Assoc
Georgia Forestry Assoc
Alabama Forest Owners' Assoc

Registered Forester in GA,AL,MS
Certified SAF Forester
Certified Wildlife Biologist

Contact Forestry/Wildlife Integration, LLC

Contact Forestry/Wildlife Integration, LLC

Mark W. Thomas
847 Willow Oak Drive
Hoover, Alabama  35244-1614
Phone: (205) 733-0477
Fax: (205) 733-0234


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Statewide service provider in:
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi

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