Forest Works!

Forest Works! operates in a ten-town region of western York County that extends from Sanford and Lebanon on the south to Parsonsfield, Cornish and Limington on the north. The area is blessed with more than 20,000 acres of conserved land. Working with willing landowners, Forest Works! plans to build off these large blocks of land to connect with high-value habitats and wildlife corridors. 

Forest Works! has two primary objectives:

  • Work with willing landowners to prevent forest fragmentation through conservation easements and implementing best management practices for forests. 
  • Work with willing landowners to create community forests and manage woods as demonstrations of sustainable forestry. 


Contact Forest Works!

Contact Forest Works!

Lee Burnett
21 Bradeen St.
Suite 104
Sprinvale, Maine  04083
Phone: 207.324.1596


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • York County, Maine