Forest Protection Tax

The Forest Protection Tax is an annual tax of 8 cents per acre levied on landowners of timberland. Timberland means bona fide timberland that is assessed at its use value as defined and determined by R.S. 47:2301.

More specifically, bona fide timberland is land stocked by forest trees of any size and specie, or formerly having such tree cover within the last three years and not currently developed or being used for nonforest purposes, and devoted to the production, in reasonable commercial quantities, of timber and timber products, and timberland under a contract with a state or federal agency restricting its use for timber production.

This tax will be credited to the "State Forest Protection Fund" created in the state treasury. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry will use the fund to acquire and maintain equipment to protect forest land in the event of fire or other disaster. 

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Contact Forest Protection Tax

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