Forest Health Program

The Forest Health Program provides technical assistance on tree and forest health  care for a variety of public and private landowners including:

  • State
  • Farm
  • County
  • Woodland
  • Municipal 
  • Urban managers
  • Industrial
  • Residential owners  

Program services include technical expertise, available through numerous forest health workshops sponsored by a variety of agencies. On-site prescriptions for improving forest and tree health are routine. Applied research and cooperative studies with universities and government agencies provide state-of-the-art forest and tree health care prescriptions for landowners. Demonstration sites that show benefits of various forest health practices are scattered across the state.

Annual detection, ranging from aerial and ground surveys to pheromone (attractant) trapping, provides early warning of pest epidemics or reports on new pests. Close ties with western states, Canadian provinces and federal agencies provide timely alerts about threatening forest pests. 

Annual Forest Health Highlights and other publications identify current pest problems and provide answers for dealing with them.

Contact Forest Health Program

Contact Forest Health Program

Karen Ripley
Forest Health Program Manager
WA Dept of Natural Resources
Olympia , Washington  98504
Phone: 360.902.1691
Fax: 360-902-1757


Service Area

Statewide Program in:
  • Washington