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Farmers National Company (FNC) Forest Resource Management (Formerly James Houser Consulting Foresters LLC) is a forest management consulting firm, listed with the Texas Forest Service and approved by the Farm Credit Bank of Texas to provide appraisals for use by the Federal Land Bank Associations. President James Houser has been a practicing forester in the East Texas area since graduating from the Stephen F. Austin State University School of Forestry in 1977, with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry, with an emphasis on forest management. Upon graduation, a consulting forester employed Mr. Houser for three and one-half years, before he left to start his own company in 1981. The company now manages over 200,000 acres of timberland in the East Texas area with tracts ranging in size from 10 to 8,000 acres. In addition, the company supervised the reforestation of over 3,500 acres of harvested or unproductive forestland in 2008.

FNC Forest Resource Management staff consists of two full-time, degreed foresters, including Mr. Houser and three full-time forest technicians. Mr. Mick Schmitt, a senior forester, has been with the company since May of 1989, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from SFA, with an emphasis in fire management. Mr. Jimmy McNamara, senior forest technician, has been with the company since May of 1989. The remaining technicians, Mr. Mike Young and Mr. Sean Johnson, joined the staff in 1999. The company still hires undergraduate forestry students from time to time when needed.

The firm is experienced in court testimony as an expert witness, as well as in unlitigated problem resolution. We are members of Texas Forestry Association, Society of American Foresters, Tree Farm System of America, and Consulting Foresters of America. Mr. Schmitt and Mr. Houser are Certified Tree Farm Inspectors and are Certified Foresters with the Society of American Foresters.

FNC Forest Resource Management provides a variety of services for landowners, such as reforestation, complete management plans, timber cruising, timber marketing, and appraising all types of timber losses.

Our services are of such a nature as to help these timberlands to become as productive as possible in the area of pine and hardwood timber, thereby giving you the greatest return on your investment, as well as helping keep your timberland tax exemption valid and in force.

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Contact FNC Forest Resource Management

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