Florida Conservation Stewardship Program

Florida Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)

The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is a voluntary conservation program that encourages producers to address resource concerns in a comprehensive manner by:

  • Undertaking additional conservation activities; and

  • Improving, maintaining, and managing existing conservation activities.

CSP is available on Tribal and private agricultural lands and non-industrial private forest land in all 50 States and the Caribbean and Pacific Islands Areas. The program provides equitable access to all producers, regardless of operation size, crops produced, or geographic location.

2009 CSP Priority Resource Concerns and Ranking Pools

Geographic Areas Priority Resource Concerns
Ranking Pools Water Quality Water Quantity Animals Energy Plants
Agricultural Land - Statewide x x x x x
Nonindustrial Private Forest Land - Statewide x x x x x

General Documents and information on CSP.

CSP Fact Sheet 

2009 CSP Self-Screening

2009 Conservation Stewardship Self-Screening Checklist (PDF, 98KB)
2009 Conservation Stewardship Program Activity List (PDF, 98KB)

CSP Rules, Notices and Supporting Documents

2009 Enhancement Activity Job Sheets

Florida Resource Conserving Crop Rotation - Supplement Payment Activity

Cropping Criteria Options:

1. A minimum of two crops if one of the crops is a perennial lasting at least 2 years:
    Rotation: Bahiagrass (2 years for hay or grazing) – Peanuts (1 year) – Cotton (1 year)

 2. A minimum of two crops, if no perennial, with a cover crop (not harvested) following one of the crop years (no silage or crop residue removed from the system):

Rotation: Corn (grain) (1 year) – Rye cover crop followed by Peanuts (1 year) – Rye cover crop followed by Cotton (1 year)

Rotation: Potatoes followed by Sorghum cover crop – year 1, then same rotation repeated in year 2.

 3. A minimum of 3 crops, if no perennial, where at least ½ the rotation consists of high residue crops:
     Rotation: Peanuts (year 1) – Corn (grain) (year 2) – Cotton (year 3) – Corn (grain) (year 4)

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Contact Florida Conservation Stewardship Program

Contact Florida Conservation Stewardship Program

Jeffrey Woods
Assistant State Conservationist
Phone: 352-338-9515


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