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Fields Foods is locally owned, locally operated, and locally focused. We are dedicated to bringing fresh, locally produced foods to residents in St. Louis – which has several urban food desert areas where healthy, nutritious food options have been limited for far too long. Our team and every employee in our full-service grocery store are committed to changing the health of our communities one bite at time. But for Fields Foods, this is more than a business philosophy; it’s part of a deeply rooted social purpose.

The heart and soul of our business is about doing good and making a difference in our local communities. We are a Sustainable Social Enterprise, which combines the values of both a for-profit and non-profit business. As a Social Enterprise we are dedicated to creating value for all of our stakeholders, including: our employees and their families, our customers, the communities in which we operate, our vendors – the local farmers and food producers whose high-quality products fill our shelves, the environment, and our shareholders.

 A lofty goal, perhaps, but really quite simple: we don’t let shareholder profit drive every decision. We are proud to be a paradigm shift in how a for-profit business can and should operate. We are committed to:

  • providing employees with a great work environment, reasonable income and benefits  to cover their health, welfare and retirement;
  • providing customers with fresh, nutritious and great tasting products that are  affordable for their price point;
  • providing local farmers & food producers greater opportunities to reach new markets;
  • making sure that we are environmentally sensitive with what we purchase;
  • contributing to our community by creating jobs, building the tax base, and being impactful with our contributions.

As we grew our vision of how we wanted to operate, we elected to focus our business philosophy on the food industry, where we saw two under-served markets that, if merged, could support each other.

The first was small to medium-sized farmers struggling to get product to market and being squeezed out by large-scale agri-businesses that were more concerned about volume than providing healthy, pesticide-free, vine-ripened product.

The second was urban food deserts where residents had little access to healthy food options. In these areas, there are often higher levels of chronic disease, diabetes and obesity.

So what if we could figure out a way to support both by facilitating the aggregation and distribution of locally produced foods for the benefit of those living in food deserts?  The resulting business model was a Food Hub that aggregates, processes, wholesales, retails and distributes healthier food selections.  Central to the Food Hub’s business model is FieldsStlouisfoodhub Foods®, where customers can find the largest selection of local produce, meats, dairy, grocery and prepared foods. We specialize in  products that are pesticide-free, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and natural to provide healthier, fresher, better tasting choices for our customers. We offer a wide selection of foods that are locally grown, sustainable, nutritious and made in large part by small growers and producers. And yes, we also carry some traditional options from popular name brands.

In short, we are a one-stop-shop for those who want to keep their support local and benefit our communities. From families on a budget to the most discerning foodies who want to experience more satisfaction from their grocery shopping experience, Fields Foods provides the fresh, healthful culinary options customers want. Our St. Louis Food Hub also supports schools that want to provide healthier options to students; restaurants that want to provide more flavorful meals to patrons; and food retailers that want to make sure their customers have the very best.

From a deeply rooted desire to make a difference in people’s lives through what they eat, our vision has been embraced by a passionate group of founding employees. Without them we could not be The St. Louis Food Hub.

It’s in our nature to create healthy communities one bite at a time!

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