FCA develops resource solutions for rural communities. To achieve its mission, FCA works with agrarian communities of the West to develop market-based and community-driven energy and water solutions that save people money, conserve resources, and improve quality of life. FCA works with talented, motivated people to develop and implement green technologies, host education and outreach campaigns and build a broad network of partnerships.

Over the next decade, FCA sees a future where communities respond to rising energy cost and impact to their environment by strengthening regional food, energy and transportation systems. Led by local governments, nonprofits, businesses and community members, these systems will be designed to take advantage of the strength and resources of a particular geographic area. To succeed through this transition, leadership from local and state governments will be essential. Regional food sheds, and therefore agriculture, must be supported. More small and medium size businesses will be needed. Diversified and community-scale energy systems will be mandatory. And an improved education system will be required to retrain a new workforce and ensure the development of entrepreneurs for the future.


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Contact FCA

Julie Davies O’Shea
Executive Director
14 Oak Street
Suite 302
Hood River, Oregon  97031
Phone: 541.716.6085


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