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For over 20 years now Fay Ranches has been providing the highest quality brokerage services in the American West. From Montana, west to Oregon and south to Colorado, Fay Ranches has been blessed with a steady stream of successes that started back in 1992 when founder Greg Fay began his passionate quest to help conserve the river corridors and agricultural landscapes of this region by brokering ranches and recreational properties to conservation minded individuals. While Fay Ranches has grown considerably over the years and continues to look at new opportunities, we would be remiss to not continually remind ourselves of the “whys” related to doing what we do.

Fay Ranches' foundation consists of four “pillars” that have guided our growth and success over the years and have gained life through the actions of our staff and brokers. This shared commitment is the basis for the relationships we build and the quality of the business we execute. It is upon this foundation that Fay Ranches has grown to become the top ranch and sporting real estate brokerage firm in the country, it truly is Who We Are.

Contact Fay Ranches

Contact Fay Ranches

Greg Fay
395 Gallatin Park Drive
Bozeman, Montana  59715
Toll Free: (800) 238-8616
Fax: (406) 586-4020


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Statewide service provider in:
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
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