As an independent company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, FarmLink offers unique services to help farmers maximize their resources through targeted investment. Through its TrueHarvest yield benchmarking service, FarmLink brings to farming the science of benchmarking and establishes a baseline by which to measure the impact of inputs and decisions. With the ability to benchmark all 230 million acres of row crop in the United States, FarmLink partners with farmers to provide precise, detailed and actionable comparisons that inform resource decisions, and help increase productivity and profit.

Through MachineryLink’s fleet of rental combines, farmers access the latest technology without the expense or maintenance of ownership, allowing them to invest in more profitable areas of their operations.

And that’s just today. FarmLink’s innovation pipeline identifies and creates ongoing opportunities for farmers to use technology and data to better assess and invest in their operations, for today’s needs and tomorrow’s potential.

Contact FarmLink

Contact FarmLink

Ron LeMay
Chairman and CEO
1600 Genessee Street
Suite 700
Kansas City, Missouri  64102
Cell Phone: (816) 759-2790
Toll Free: (800) 996-0407
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