Farmer Foodshare Pennies on the Pound (POP) Market

POP Market is a small-scale food hub providing affordable local food to non-profit organizations and mission-driven businesses throughout the Triangle.  This program aims to build an alternate market for area farmers and increase the health of our community by brokering mutually beneficial transactions between buyers and NC limited resource farmers/food producers.

POP Market Farmers are small to mid-size farmers who are interested in diversifying their markets with the addition of a wholesale outlet. We work with limited resource farmers and farmers with sustainable growing practices. We are particularly seeking steady suppliers who are interested in making POP a staple outlet for their products, but for those who only have excess supply to sell on occasion, we're interested in working with you too. POP is committed to purchasing food from farmers in tier one and tier two counties in an effort to support economic development in rural North Carolina.

The two principal goals of the Pennies on the Pound Market are to increase non-profits’ access to local healthy produce and help the North Carolina agricultural economy. The POP market accomplishes both of these by acting as a small-scale food hub:  sourcing fresh, local food from limited resource farmers, and making it available to area non-profits, primarily those addressing issues of food access, food security, nutrition, and hunger.

In 2013 over 20 triangle non-profits in Durham, Orange, Chatham, and Alamance counties took advantage of the POP infrastructure to move over 45,000 pounds of local produce. They bought fresh food from 45 different farmers over the course of the year, spanning 17 counties. Over 71% of food went to organizations providing direct hunger relief, that is over 32,000 pounds of healthy food provided to triangle area families suffering from food insecurity.

Broadly, the POP market seeks to play a role in reestablishing a viable local food system, making local, whole food available to everyone, and especially portions of the population who don’t often have access.  We have a long and rich tradition of farming in this area that continues to reinvent itself and thrive, and we want to support that.  We believe in a diminishing reliance on nutritionally poor, internationally distributed processed foods, in favor of nutritionally dense whole foods grown in our own backyard.  In the most basic sense, local growers and local eaters need each other.  POP Market strives to strengthen and develop that connection.

Contact Farmer Foodshare Pennies on the Pound (POP) Market

Contact Farmer Foodshare Pennies on the Pound (POP) Market

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