Far West Bulb Farm
Far West Bulb Farm is a part–time project owned and run by Nancy and Ames Gilbert. Many years ago, we had a complete–line California Native Plant Nursery, but were unable to make a reasonable return on our investment of time, money and energy. This meant getting "regular" jobs (Nancy is a landscape designer with 25 years experience, and Ames is his own boss, making electrical assemblies). So, we scaled back to just one deep interest, Native Bulbs. They have a great advantage, they don't need constant summer watering! We grow every bulb from seed, and our primary aim is to "get them out there", since many of their habitats are threatened by development, and we feel that we are doing an emergency service until we as a society come to care and value them more. For this reason, we are not genetic "purists", and we do export them outside their range. If we were to be "pure", we would only offer some species for sale within a ten–mile radius of their collection point; such are the sometimes radical genetic differences between sub–species in California.

We also plant out many bulbs and seeds along roadsides in our neighborhood (Nevada County) for the same reason; we are trying to establish niches where they can survive for the time being, and the steeper banks on back–country roads are pretty good places. They are publicly owned, can't be grazed by cattle, are difficult to graze by other critters, and are harder to be dug up by gardeners who don't know or care that it is illegal and anti–social to do so. We plant them above the county herbicide "spray line". And, we hope people who are going slowly enough can enjoy them.

We sell bulbs ONLY by mail order and ONLY when they are dormant, usually between September to October each year

Contact Far West Bulb Farm

Contact Far West Bulb Farm

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