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Evolo Energy Solutions offers customers a full line of renewable energy products and related services. Evolo customers include homeowners, businesses, non profits, municipalities, museums, and investors. Evolo aids clients in evaluating their energy use and the potential energy resource, and helps match the proper solution to that need and budget. Founded by a group of engineers, with extensive renewable and alternative energy experience, clients can feel confident about the design and capability of their Evolo system. In addition to evaluation and design, Evolo handles the full installation of its systems throughout Maine. Evolo can manage the entire process!

Evolo Energy Solutions recognizes that renewable energy can be confusing. So, if you are not sure how to get started, the first thing to know is your energy usage. For example, how many kilowatt hours (KwH) do you use per year? To find out, check your latest utility bill. How do you heat your home? Your hot water? How many gallons of fuel do you use for the heating season? How about in the summer? Are you heating a pool? If so, what is the fuel source and how much energy are you using per season? This is information needed to evaluate you opportunity for renewable energy at your on-grid home or business.

For off grid applications, collect data from the ground up. For example how much energy do your appliances use? What other devices will you be running in your off grid location? Coffee maker? Hair dryer? Well pump? Contact Evolo for more information about off grid system sizing.

In addition to understanding how much energy can be offset, it is necessary to determine the energy resource at your location. Evolo can evaluate your energy resource as part of a site evaluation. This process includes a review of your location and its features. Are your roof lines orientated for southern exposure? Is your solar exposure unobstructed? Are there physical or geographical indicators of a good wind resource? What do the wind databases indicate about your wind resource? Answers to these questions are all part of our evaluation process as well as proper siting and integration into existing electrical or HVAC systems. The minimal evaluation fee is credited toward your system purchase.

Evolo Energy Solutions is located at 382 Moosehead Trl (Rte 7) Newport Maine, also home of Evolo Home Center. Evolo Home Center, a sister company, specializes in energy efficient and custom modular homes for clients in central and northern Maine. Click here for Evolo Home Center.

Evolo Energy Solutions is a member of the Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals and Evolo’s representative chairs the Renewable Energy Committee. Evolo’s team also includes certified Solar Thermal Installers as well degreed engineers. You can go renewable with confidence!

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Contact Evolo Energy Solutions

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