EQIP Special Initiative: Wildfire Rehabilitation

2006 EQIP Special Initiatives

The purpose of this initiative is to provide assistance to producers who want to restore their grazing lands. The primary emphasis of the initiative is to compensate producers for deferring all livestock grazing from the burned grazing lands until October 1, 2007, through the issuance of an $11.00 per acre incentive payment. This deferral will allow the vegetation on the grazing lands to grow through a full growing season and then to go to seed. Within the deferred grazing payment NRCS has also included funds to partially compensate producers for fences and watering facilities that were destroyed in the wildfire. Producers who are awarded an EQIP contract through the wildfire initiative incentive payment are not eligible to receive any other EQIP payment for fences, watering facilities, or prescribed grazing on the wildfire contracted acres.

This initiative has two funding phases. Phase one is open for applications until August 31, 2006. Phase one contracts will be completed by Sept. 8, 2006. Any applications not accepted will be deferred to the phase two application period. Phase two is open for applications from August 1, 2006 through October 2, 2006.  Phase two applications will be evaluated and ranked in October 2006 and those that are selected for contracting will receive payment after the FY2007 EQIP appropriations become available.

NRCS Offers Early Funding for Wildfire Rehabilitation

Bozeman--The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is making nearly $200,000 available right now to agricultural producers whose property has been affected by wildfires in Montana. These funds are part of the $2 million that NRCS previously committed to providing in fiscal year 2007.

“We are still seeking additional funding to help private landowners recover from the impacts of wildfire,” said Dave White, NRCS state conservationist. “We also issued a blanket waiver so producers can rebuild their infrastructure as soon as it is safe to do so and still remain eligible for this special initiative.”

 White said a key requirement is that producers must agree to defer grazing on the contracted acres from the time of the fire until Oct. 1, 2007. No more than 2,500 acres of grazing land can be contracted per agricultural operation under this special initiative. White stressed that adhering to program rules will not guarantee approval of a producer’s application; however, it does mean interested producers will remain eligible for funding consideration.

 Phase one contracts will be completed by Sept. 8, 2006. Any applications not funded under this phase will be deferred to the phase two application period.


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