Endless Mountains RC&D

The Endless Mountains Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) area was authorized as an RC&D Council by the US Department of Agriculture on August 1, 1967.  It was authorized to create partnerships to oversee and promote the conservation of natural resources and the rural development of the region.

Endless Mountains RC&D Council was, for over 43 years, a unique combination of private enterprise and federal assistance that encouraged the blending of natural resource use with local economic and social values. In 2010, federal support diminished significantly and the EMRC&D members decided to continue their mission on their own, garnering support from many sources.

The Endless Mountains Resource Conservation and Development Council provides leadership and promotes partnerships in conservation, stewardship, and responsible development of natural resources across the region.

Contact Endless Mountains RC&D

Contact Endless Mountains RC&D

Laura H Hewitt
Administrative Coordinator
2 Jefferson Street
Suite 2
Towanda, Pennsylvania  18848
Phone: (570) 265-2717


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Bradford County, Pennsylvania
  • Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
  • Sullivan County, Pennsylvania
  • Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
  • Tioga County, Pennsylvania
  • Wyoming County, Pennsylvania