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Elliott Menashe is an environmental consultant with Greenbelt Consulting. He has written “Vegetation Management:  A Guide for Puget Sound Bluff Property Owners" (Pub. 93-31), which has become the standard shore management guidance publication for the region.

He’s the originator of the “Biostructural Engineering” approach to slope stabilization, which combines structural, bio-technical and vegetative elements to restore slopes and reduce erosion. This approach has been tested and proven effective in numerous mitigation and restoration projects.

Elliott has developed an innovative conceptual alternative to conventional shoreline armoring. The “Root Wall” concept, which uses large trees as major structural components, has been incorporated into several recent soft-shore protection projects.

He is the inventor of “EcoMulchMat,” a biodegradable wood-fiber, rolled blanket designed to reduce erosion and sediment transport, control invasive plant establishment, and accelerate the establishment of desirable vegetation. This project is currently under development.

He has lectured on shoreline management and value of vegetation at numerous symposiums, conferences, seminars and workshops sponsored by numerous Federal and State Agencies.

Elliott’s articles and technical papers (some posted on website, www.greenbeltconsulting.com), have been published in newspapers, newsletters, and conference proceedings. He has amassed a slide image library of over 1,000 slides from projects throughout the region, which he uses in classes and workshops.

Greenbelt Consulting is an environmental assessment and consulting service designed to help property owners make informed decisions concerning their land. Landowners can minimize the degradation inherent in land clearing, road grading, and homesite construction by becoming more knowledgeable about the natural landscape of their property. Development and long-term maintenance costs can be reduced, and property value increased through coordinated planning and careful consideration of homesite, solar potential, septic systems, and access. Through assessment of your land's topography and existing natural elements, Greenbelt Consulting can suggest practical ways to maintain ecological integrity while blending comfort, safety, and utility.

The wooded and pastoral nature of the Pacific Northwest landscape is rapidly changing due to the influx of people. The very peace and beauty that has attracted people is in danger of disappearing as a result.

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