Elida Doldan-Schujman AIA, CID

At Elida Doldan Schujman's Architecture Studio, our building solutions are as unique as our clients' lives and needs. We design contemporary buildings with the same degree of integrity as we do when we preserve and recreate buildings of historically diverse periods. Our projects have included custom homes, commercial and retail renovations, and interior and furniture designs. We take a special interest in working with technologies that preserve the environment, while they provide cost-savings for our clients.

Our projects display uncommon design continuity, since we create both the architecture (building shell) and the interior design. We believe so strongly in the unity of architecture and interior design that we're licensed as an architectural firm and we're certified as an interior design firm. Our expertise encompasses all governmental agency approvals, construction supervisions, interior finishes, and furniture design and artwork selection.

We work in an energetic studio environment, in which clients, consultants and contractors all become active members of the design-construction team. Our enthusiasm is contagious — our design-construction collaborations are fun for everyone involved, and our client-architect/designer relationships are long-lasting.

CA License #: C013934

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