E&F Resource Management, LLC

Ronnie Edmonds and Laine Fontenot formed E & F Resource Management, LLC in May of 2008.  Ronnie had been employed with Bennett & Peters, Inc. for 30 years.  Laine worked for the timber industry for almost 27 years.  We intensively manage approximately 50,000 acres in Southwest Louisiana and are involved in other forms of management on almost 100,000 acres throughout south Louisiana.  We have offices in Kinder and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Laine Fontenot has been involved with the community surrounding Kinder all of his life.  We have close contacts with the Office of Forestry, the Louisiana Forestry Commission and the FSA office.  These contacts allow us to help landowners who qualify for additional government funded programs such as Forest Productivity Program (FPP), FLEP, CRP, etc.

Kinder Office
373 Jesse Johnson
Kinder, LA

Contact E&F Resource Management, LLC

Contact E&F Resource Management, LLC

W. R. Edmonds III and Laine Fontenot
16854 Cold Harbor Ave.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70817
Cell Phone: 225-921-3613


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