Edwin Shaffer

Areas Served:
Catskill Mountains and Mohawk Valley
Services Offered:
Timber appraisals, forest management planning, timber sales, forest product marketing, boundary line maintenance, forest road layout.
Special Interests:
Timber sales and forest products marketing
Mission Statement:
The management of your forestland, like any other natural resource, requires good stewardship. Relying on individuals or companies with a vested interest in logging and lumber production is "letting the fox tend the chicken coop". A professional forester in contrast, has a sole interest in serving you, the landowner. The development of a long-term management plan insures the maintenance of your timber on a sustained-yield basis, maximizing your return, with the assurance of protenting and enhancing the viability of the forestland.

Contact Edwin Shaffer

Contact Edwin Shaffer

PO Box 920
North Blenheim, New York  12131
Phone: 607-652-7768
Fax: 607-652-2680


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Statewide service provider in:
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