Eden House
We're a Maine start-up company dedicated to bringing affordable greenhouses to northern growers. 

Our mission is to provide a quality, affordable and easy to maintain hoop house to all who share our love of the garden. We’ll do what it takes to help you decide if a hoop house is right for you.  

Eden House Hoop Houses are Different

Our hoop houses have a unique design that makes them sturdy yet easy to assemble.  By sturdy, we mean strong enough to withstand our “unique” northern climate with minimal owner care.

The majority of hoop houses on the market today require pipe to be pounded into the ground.  In New England, the challenge with that design is our famous rocky soil. 

Eden House has designed a floating base that is perfectly suited for our rocky soil, so it requires no pounding of pipe or unnecessary digging.

The design drastically simplifies setup and allows for greater portability.

Contact Eden House

Contact Eden House

David Tidwell
New Gloucester, Maine  04260
Cell Phone: (207) 233-7336


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