Ecosystem Enhancement Program

The N.C. Ecosystem Enhancement Program (EEP) was created to collaborate with landowners to provide this stream and wetland mitigation. Working together, EEP and landowners can:

  • Protect wetlands, streams and natural areas through the EEP Preservation Program.
  • Improve water quality through EEP Enhancement Projects
  • Repair wetlands and waterways with EEP Restoration Projects

EEP begins this process by working with local governments, landowners, land trusts and other stakeholders to examine the health of local wetlands and waterways. Once areas that are in need of help are identified, EEP contacts stream and wetland owners and invites participation through a range of conservation options. Landowners may retain ownership of property through a voluntary conservation agreement, or may sell or donate all or part of the property to the state. EEP’s objective is to help our partners decide on best options for the benefit of landowners, the state and – ultimately – all North Carolinians.

EEP stands ready to work with willing private landowners to restore, enhance and protect our state’s natural resources. Voluntary agreements between landowners and EEP – known as conservation easements – are fundamental to protecting water quality.
Conservation easements on all or part of a landowner’s property will protect natural functions of streamside wetlands and buffers, including pollution and sedimentation control, protection of wildlife habitats and flood prevention, among others.

Contact Ecosystem Enhancement Program

Contact Ecosystem Enhancement Program

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Ecosystem Enhancement Program
A nationally recognized program for its efforts to restore, enhance and protect the environment and foster responsible economic growth.