EcoSource Inc. was created with the goal in mind of having a distinct and positive impact on our built environment and as a result on our collective communities.  Over the years it has become increasingly clear to us that continuing “business as usual” in development and construction of residential and commercial projects was not a viable long-term choice. In our communities, positive change needs to occur. It can happen through education, considered design and project implementation. Making effective positive change requires the best quality tools and information in order to be successful. To that end we have joined the US Green Building Council.  The USGBC LEED program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) provides excellent tools for realizing projects that foster energy and resource efficiency, environmental responsibility, homeowner or occupant comfort and well being  and good stewardship of the community. We embrace the idea that the process of improvement is dynamic and look forward to seeking out and implementing the best and most processing new technologies. We look forward to working on projects of all types with clients who are seeking to make a positive difference in their built and natural environments.  

EcoSource Inc. is committed to access of sustainable and energy efficient housing for all people. To that end, EcoSource will contribute 3% of its annual profits to nongovernment agencies working to provide such housing to people of limited means.

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Contact EcoSource

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