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Eat Oregon First was established with one simple goal: to make the highest quality local food available to the widest audience at the lowest prices possible. Combining our own Laney Family Farms products with those of our trusted partner farms and ranches, Eat Oregon First offers a wide array of Oregon crafted food including beef, pork, seafood, grains, and eggs of uncompromising quality. All Eat Oregon First foods are delivered to you fresh from the field or ocean within hours of harvest via our direct express distribution system.

Did you know that not all local food is created equal?

Although the notion of local food is a good one, you should know that there are distinctions to this type of food. Local food is any food that is raised locally. Local food helps to support the local economy and small acreage producers. Beyond local, however, is food that can be justified as Bi-local food. This distinction describes food, primarily beef and pork that is both born on the farm and brought to market locally. Bi-local food has a stronger impact on the local economy. Tri-local food is the Holy Grail of all of the local distinctions. Tri-local food is born on the farm, fed exclusively with feed grown on or nearby the farm, and brought to the local market. Tri-local food (such as our Laney Family beef) has the largest impact on the local economy and the least environmental impact of the three types of local food.

Currently, Eat Oregon First products are only available to Chefs, Specialty Retailers and other food service professionals.

Contact Eat Oregon First

Contact Eat Oregon First

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