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East Baton Rouge Parish is located in south central Louisiana along the Mississippi River.French explorer Sieur d’Iberville was exploring the Mississippi River and saw a reddish cypress pole raised with bloody animals that marked the boundaries between Houma and Bayou Goula tribal hunting grounds. The explorers called the the tree "le bâton rouge," or red stick. Unique features of East Baton Rouge Parish include: Louisiana Arts and Science Museum, the Louisiana State Capitol, the Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge Zoo, Rural Life Museum, Port Hudson National Cemetery, Pentagon Barracks, LSU Museum of Art, Southern University Museum of Art.

Agriculture & Natural Resources
Horticultural related concerns continue to play a major role in the agricultural industry in East Baton Rouge Parish. The parish is estimated to have 188,000 single family homeowners who are responsible for their yard and landscape. Of this total, demographics estimate that 87,000 maintain a landscape and 44,463 grow an edible food garden (vegetables & fruits). In 2012, approximately 100,000 consumers were reached dealing with horticultural issues whether it is plant selection and planting, pest control for plants, fruiting trees and shrubs, vegetable gardens, disease identification, and landscape issues. A weekly news column is published promoting horticultural issues with circulation of over 146,000. Additionally, 217 Master Gardener volunteers are trained and assist with outreach on consumer horticultural practices. Last year, participants in the Master Gardener program provided over 10,292 volunteer hours making over 94,773 contacts with East Baton Rouge Parish residents. The economic impact of the volunteer efforts of the Master Gardeners totals approximately $220,710.

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Contact East Baton Rouge Parish Extension

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