EarthCorps is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 with a mission to build a global community of leaders through local environmental service. EarthCorps provides a year-long intensive program for young adults from the US and 80 other countries to learn best practices in community-based environmental restoration and develop their leadership skills as they supervise more than 10,000 volunteers each year.

Local Restoration
EarthCorps' core expertise is community-based environmental restoration. We regard restoration as a process of reestablishing healthy habitat: returning a polluted or degraded environment as closely as possible to a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem. As restoration practitioners, our goal is to expedite natural processes in rebuilding a functioning natural ecosystem.

Environmental service is a uniquely effective way to build community. When people put their hands into the dirt together and see their efforts transform a threatened area into a more vibrant landscape, they forge a special bond, empowering themselves and their community. EarthCorps' science team creates tools specifically to enable citizens to steward healthy ecosystems.

Global Leadership
Based in Seattle, Washington, EarthCorps brings together emerging environmental leaders from 80 countries to work on projects in the Puget Sound region and Cascade mountains. As part of EarthCorps' intensive hands-on curriculum, they learn multiple restoration techniques, try out project design and management, develop leadership and team-building skills, and help manage thousands of local volunteers on projects.

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Contact EarthCorps

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