E. Clement Shute, Jr.

E. Clement Shute Jr. is a founding partner of Shute Mihaly & Weinberger LLP (1980). Prior to that time he was the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Environment and Consumer Protection Section of the California Attorney General’s Office. In that capacity, he was counsel to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and legal advisor to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, and managed 22 lawyers. He also aided local governments that were sued in inverse condemnation by developers and landowners.

Mr. Shute has extensive experience with the California Environmental Quality Act. He participated in the early court cases which provided a broad interpretation of the statute and has been involved in advising and litigating CEQA claims since. Most recently he participated in a committee of lawyers advising the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research on how to draft guidelines for dealing with climate change in environmental documents. He is also an expert on General Plans. He was legal advisor to the County of Marin which updated its plan in 2007 and has received many awards for its forward looking policies dealing with wetlands, compact urban grown and climate change. Mr. Shute also has special expertise in airport expansion issues, wetland regulation, solid waste regulation, and issues affecting San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe.

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