Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District

In 1941, the Wyoming State Legislature recognized the need for a local governmental entity which would assist landowners and resource users with conservation practices and provide leadership in natural resource management issues and efforts. As a result, legislation was enacted which enabled the formation of local Conservation Districts and the election of Conservation District Supervisors. The Wyoming legislation authorizing the establishment of Conservation Districts was signed by Governor Smith on March 5, 1941.

There are 34 local Conservation Districts located throughout the state of Wyoming. There are 170 Supervisors throughout Wyoming representing rural and urban interests. These Supervisors are elected during the general election. Conservation Districts today offer a wide variety of programs to help anyone interested in conservation. Some of the programs offered include: tree planting, waste management, water quality, wildlife habitat, recycling and information/education programs. Conservation Districts, as local governments, also play a key role in federal land management planning processes and federal and state legislative and administrative initiatives affecting local conservation and land use activities. 

Contact Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District

Contact Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District

Alicia Rux
District Manager
706 Meckem Street
PO Box 27
Dubois, Wyoming  82513
Phone: (307) 455-2388
Fax: (307) 455-3098


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Fremont County, Wyoming