Donald R. Curtis, Jr., ACF
Association of Consulting ForestersSome companies focus on price or volume but TFC is driven by quality, with emphasis on the details of your forests. TFC uses the latest software, hardware, and training for the services we provide.
This firm began in 1996 as Aucilla River Forestry Company. As we grew in size and scope, we shortened the name to "The Forestry Company". Since our beginning, we have conducted inventories, land management, appraisals, and consulting on more than 1 million forested acres.

Today we have the staff and resources to undertake large-scale assessments and realty transactions on very tight time tables.

Contact Donald R. Curtis, Jr., ACF

Contact Donald R. Curtis, Jr., ACF

The Forestry Company
502 West Green Street
Perry, Florida  32347
Phone: (850) 584-8887
Fax: (850) 223-3494


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