Don B. Kimberly

Success in this activity requires a sound marketing strategy and the operational skill to execute the tactical plan. RMS combines a detailed knowledge of market dynamics and supply chain structure with a customer-focused sales approach to consistently capture premium timber pricing.

Our approach to marketing timber begins with the local RMS forester. When it comes to selling timber, we firmly believe the most informed member of the sales team is the forester who is on the property and in the area every day. Located near the property, our timber marketing specialist knows and discusses market conditions with wood buyers, regularly visits local mills and notes their log inventories, and understands how and when weather patterns affect local/regional timber markets.

We provide our foresters with a number of tools to support their marketing decisions. Substantial internal resources are devoted to understanding timber supply and demand conditions. These resources --  combined with external forecasts --  provide a comprehensive long-term view of market trends. Current market conditions are monitored using our own sales data and supplemented with outside pricing services. Our harvest optimization system, refined through many years of use, enables our  forester to quickly evaluate sale opportunities. And finally, RMS’ corporate support, with extensive timber selling and buying experience, maintains regular communications with our foresters in the field. These include training, mentoring and helping them analyze local, regional and global market dynamics.

RMS’ experience and reputation provide significant marketplace advantages for our clients. We know the location and log requirements of every major mill in the areas we operate. We   actively work to develop beneficial relationships with these wood buyers.  Our professional sales preparation and reasonableness throughout the selling and logging process have made us a preferred supplier.


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Contact Don B. Kimberly

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