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Help Protect Our Forests

Since 1996, we’ve saved millions of acres from unsustainable logging, and we’ve transformed the business practices of some of the most influential companies around. Help us to continue this important work.

Our Forests aren’t Fuel

Despite the fact that deforestation accounts for 12% of global CO2 emissions, European policy makers are promoting the burning of Southern forests to meet their “clean energy” targets. Over the long-term, European companies burning forests for fuel causing more harm to the environment than if they were burning coal.

Help Dogwood Alliance educate and activate citizens, policy makers and industry on both sides of the Atlantic about the dangers of this false solution.

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Paper Campaign

The Southern United States is the largest paper producing region in the world – a region where unsustainable clear cutting was once standard practice. Through a combination of unrelenting campaign pressure and strategic collaborations, our paper campaign has transformed the forestry and paper-buying practices of some of the largest corporations on Earth–including 4 of the 5 major paper producers.

Our paper campaign continues to hold paper producers and large paper buyers accountable for their actions.

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Carbon Canopy

Our civilization can’t thrive if it undermines the ecosystem services, like climate change protection, clean air and water as well as biodiversity, that we rely on for survival. The Carbon Canopy encourages landowners to leave forests standing—placing a real economic value on carbon sequestration and the other ecosystem services that these forests provide.

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