Dillon Local Working Group

The Dillon area working group is one of 4 working groups currently operating in Montana originally identified in the "Management Plan and Conservation Strategies for Sage-Grouse in Montana- 2005." Dillon is the only working group in the southwestern portion of Montana; all of the other locations are to the east. The next closest working group location is in Musselshell county.

The Dillon Local Working Group began meeting in December of 2003. Meetings were open to all and participants included agricultural interests, sportsmen, power companies, and representatives of state, federal, and tribal agencies and nongovernmental organizations. Approximately 20-35 persons attended each meeting. The LWG first met in December 2003, and has continued to meet 3-4 times per year since. The primary focus of the meetings has been to review the goals and conservation actions recommended by the Montana state management plan for greater sage-grouse conservation, review programs providing financial assistance to landowners for sage-grouse-related improvements and conservation measures, review pending activities that may impact habitats and populations, host expert presentations on the results of scientific research, review state and federal conservation planning, and to begin on-the-ground projects.

Contact Dillon Local Working Group

Contact Dillon Local Working Group

Ben Deeble
Big Sky Upland Bird Association
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