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Desert Wind Farms was founded in 2012, but we've been in the farming business for a long time. Michael began working on farms when he was only 11. After years of working on mainstream dairies, he began raising calves on his own. During this time he graduated from Utah State University with a bachelors in Agriculture Systems and Technology. While raising calves, he tried to do it the right way. Common confinement practices resulted in problems and diseases that were only treated with more chemicals and medicines. He decided to change his thinking and started experimenting with practices to prevent illness and to save money spent on chemicals and medicine. While researching natural and simple cures for common ailments with his calves, he stumbled upon a whole world of natural and sustainable living. It seemed ridiculously easy, but it made sense. We have been using natural and sustainable practices to raise our animals ever since. 

In 2011, we settled our family farm where the wind meets the desert. Our homestead sits on an old dairy that is surrounded with farm land and pastures.  Our farm is founded on three main principles:

  • Simple. Farming and raising animals should be simple and as close to their natural environment and diet as possible. We facilitate natural biological cycles and controls. We went back to the basics that have been tested over centuries. We like to think of our farm as whole rather than individual parts or portions.  
  • Local. Supporting local farmers, producers, growers, business is important for a healthy economy. Local food should taste better; it should be harvested fresh and delivered sooner. Buying local makes us more responsible when we have to answer to our neighbors and friends, not to corporations.  
  • Sustainable. We believe in sustainable farming.  Our farm is an integrated system of plant and animal practices that can sustain itself with minimal inputs and the smallest negative impact. We commit to thinking long-term, placing quality over quantity, being the most efficient and using the least amount of nonrenewable resources.

We promise that our farm is built on these simple and sustainable practices.  We support our local and regional economy and hope you will too. We hope to bring the highest quality products to your dinner table.     

Contact Desert Wind Farms

Contact Desert Wind Farms

3341 E Bowman Rd
Downey, Idaho  83234
Cell Phone: (208) 844-1093


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