Dennis Thomas

Dennis Thomas, Fire/Fuels Specialist, is a partner and the fuels specialist for Northwest Management, Inc. He oversees 70-85 prescribed fuel management projects annually, totaling 10,000 acres. Mr. Thomas writes or approves the fuel management for each individual project and coordinates the burning with smoke management reports in local air sheds. He also provides the economic cost analysis for each project. Mr. Thomas’ previous experience includes 18 years as an area fire warden with Clearwater Potlatch Timber Protection Area (CPTPA). Responsibilities with CPTPA included: fuel management planning, fuel modeling, fuel mapping, identifying fire hazard in various vegetative communities, and fire risk rating on approximately 100,000 acres in the Clearwater River Drainage. Mr. Thomas also acts as the safety coordinator for Northwest Management, Inc


Contact Dennis Thomas

Contact Dennis Thomas

Northwest Management Inc.
Fire/Fuels Specialist
233 E. Palouse River Drive
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Moscow, Idaho  83843
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