Delta F.A.R.M

Delta F.A.R.M. or Delta Farmers Advocating Resource Management is an association of growers and landowners that strive to implement recognized agricultural practices which will conserve, restore,and enhance the environment of the Northwest Mississippi. In joining this association,growers and landowners agree to use the environmental program to access their farms and to guide them in attaining the highest possible level of land and water resource stewardship in order to ensure a more sustainable and profitable future for agriculture.

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Membership to Delta F.A.R.M. is FREE to any landowner, farm operator, or land manager. The only obligation of membership is to submit to an annual evaluation performed by the Delta F.A.R.M. staff, MSU Extension Service, or Mississippi Farm Bureau Field Representative. The evaluation is a simple questionnaire that documents non-regulatory conservation information on each member's farm or land

Contact Delta F.A.R.M

Contact Delta F.A.R.M

Trey Cooke
Executive Director
433 Stoneville Road
P.O. Box 257
Stoneville, Mississippi  38776
Phone: (662) 686-3370
Fax: (662) 686-3382


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Mississippi

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