Dean DeBell

Dean DeBell is a forester with over 40 years of experience. His specialty is silviculture - the growing of trees and forests - and he has worked in both hardwood and conifer forests on the East and West Coasts. His forestry education includes an M.F. and Ph.D from Duke University.

Cascade Woodland Design is a forestry consulting group focused on helping woodland owners enhance their property by improving recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat and aesthetics. Many options are available, such as building trails, thinning trees to encourage growth of understory food plants, or pruning to improve visibility. We offer a range of services, from brief consultation visits to complete planning and implementation of forestry projects.

Woodlands change over time as the trees grow. The character of a particular woodland can vary greatly, depending largely on tree spacing and what other plants grow in the understory. We will help you understand the possibilities for your property, and what can be done to encourage the forest characteristics that are important to you. This starts with a discussion of why you own the woodland, how you use it, and what kind of legacy you wish to leave. If you are interested in enhancing your woodland, we'd like to hear from you.

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Contact Dean DeBell

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