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Through furnishing advice on and drawing up contracts relating to the trade in emission rights, De Brauw has achieved a prominent position in the field of emissions trading. It owes this position in part to its involvement in the development of model contracts within the International Emission Trading Association (IETA), of which it is an active member. 

As the emission of greenhouse gasses is an environmental problem, emission trading as an instrument to reduce emissions has a significant environmental law component (regulations, permit conditions, supervision, enforcement) The EU directive referred to above will consequently result in (and necessitate) a sweeping amendment of the Environmental Management Act and the setting up of a new regulatory authority based on that Act, the Netherlands Emissions Authority. These legislative developments will extend to SO2 and NOx emissions, which are regulated through the EU National Emissions Ceiling ("NEC") Directive.

Rutger de Witt Wijnen

Rutger de Witt Wijnen is a partner in De Brauw's banking and finance practice. From 1998 until mid 2003 he was the resident partner in the firm's New York office. Before moving to New York, he had been working in the asset and project finance practice.  During his tenure in New York, he became involved in the firm´s banking, energy and environmental finance practices.

Rutger developed De Brauw's international emissions trading practice, advising (semi-) governments, energy companies, utilities, emiters, consultants and financial institutions on all aspects of CO2 legislation, emissions trading and carbon credit creation projects.
He is also involved in project finance and other banking practice work.

Rutger is a regular speaker at conferences of the International Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the International Emissions Trading Association and has lectured at post-graduate programs on project and asset finance transactions. He has written various articles on project and asset finance and emissions trading. As an active member of the International Emissions Trading Association, Rutger is involved in the drafting of standard forms of agreements.


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