Davis Conservation District

Davis Conservation District is a locally elected board that focuses on natural resource conservation within the county. Our main objectives are conservation and outreach, for agricultural land.

Agriculture is rapidly being taken over by urbanization in Davis County. The Conservation District strives to help local agriculture stay in the county and help those working the land to implement conservation practices. We personally work with farmers and ranchers by helping them develop conservation plans and find the funding to implement their plans.

Our other objective is outreach. Although our leading focus is the conservation on, and of, agricultural lands, we work to conserve all natural resources within Davis County. The more individuals that understand the value of and how to protect our natural resources, the better our land will be cared for. Our outreach efforts range from presenting at elementary school field trips, and awarding college scholarships, to sponsoring landowner workshops and meeting with our locally elected officials.

We work closely with many local, state and federal partners to build relationships that help us to accomplish our goal of conserving the natural resources within Davis County.

Contact Davis Conservation District

Contact Davis Conservation District

6782 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah  84121
Phone: (801) 542-8208


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  • Davis County, Utah