David Tuch

Our primary geographic focus is the southern Appalachian mountain and piedmont region. It is home to extraordinary environmental and cultural treasures. The region is also challenged with tremendous pressures on its land, water, and air. Equinox believes that through proper planning, a balance can be achieved between the conservation and development of these resources such that the economic vitality and quality of life of the region is enhanced or maintained.

Equinox’ passionate and qualified staff is an integral component to the success of each project we undertake. Equinox currently employs two environmental planners, a landscape & environmental designer, a land planner & landscape designer, a field biologist, a GIS/CAD specialist, and an environmental scientist. Our clients attest to our technical proficiency and responsiveness to their needs. When appropriate, Equinox assembles other skilled professionals from our vast network of biologists, engineers, landscape architects, and architects to custom tailor planning and design teams capable of responding to most any conservation or development need. Place your confidence in Equinox. You and the region will reap rewards.

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Contact David Tuch

Equinox Environmental Consultation & Design, Inc.
Vice President
37 Haywood St.
Asheville, North Carolina  28801
Phone: 828.253.6856


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