David Smith
Oil and Gas - If oil and gas resources are present on a property, the land/mineral owner has a range of opportunities to generate wealth from exploration and development activities. While many advisors and professionals are available to assist land and mineral owners with certain aspects of mineral (oil and gas) management, few can provide Argent’s comprehensive range of services.

At Argent, our experienced professionals assist and protect land and mineral owners through every phase of the oil and gas exploration and development process to ensure that revenue opportunities and property rights are maximized and protected at every step.

With Argent as an ally, clients receive the benefit of:
•The expertise and experience of a professional staff with decades of oil and gas management experience;
•The information network and negotiating skills gained by managing thousands of properties in 14 states.
•The technological edge of a state-of-the-art, proprietary well production monitoring and accounting system; and,
•A personal relationship with a local advisory team.

From seismic testing and lease negotiation, to royalty accounting and long range mineral planning, we walk through every step of the process with the land and mineral rights owner. Argent Property Services offers:
•Contract Negotiations
•Oil and Gas Accounting
•Asset Evaluation
•On-going Management

Contact David Smith

Contact David Smith

Argent Property Services
Property Consultant
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