David Reed

Water Resources Program Areas:      

  • Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation
  • Crop and Landscape Water Use
  • Water Quality and Watershed Protection


  • Greenhouse and ornamental crops: identifying tolerance limits of plants to water quality;
  • Water reuse, drip irrigation, and other methods to minimize water use in greenhouses and nurseries;
  • Optimizing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels in low-technology greenhouse systems to lessen the risk of nutrient leaching and runoff.

Contact David Reed

Contact David Reed

Water Resource Specialist - Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation
TAMU - Horticulture Department
Horticulture/Forestry Building
Room 202
College Station, Texas  77843-2133
Phone: 979-458-0710
Fax: 979-845-0627


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Texas