David Harper

L a n d  i n  C o m m o n
D A V I D   H A R P E R

Land in Common works with dedicated land trusts, watershed groups, landowners, talented colleagues, and other stewards of land and water.  We help secure funding and carry out innovative ecological design and urban agriculture projects, with an emphasis on establishing community land trusts. We launch initiatives to raise public awareness about two great truths: that land is a community to which we all belong; and to heal ourselves, we must also heal the land.

- grant proposals
- project management
- public outreach (brochures, speaking, writing, PowerPoint)
- conservation planning/GIS mapping, trail planning, permaculture design
- conservation easements
- design and teach academic courses
- community land trust facilitation
- conservation assistance for landowners

Mobile: 919.308.5565

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Contact David Harper

Land in Common
682 Erwin Road
Durham, North Carolina  27707
Phone: (610) 246-4535


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